Gravity Control Propulsion Research

Gravity Control

Electric Mountain

Against The Wind

Can't Stay Away

Heard That Song

Big Black Boots

East St. Louis

Late Night & Low Down

Gritty Music Revisited

Radio Signals From Outer Space

Down To Earth

Signal Received

Up All Night

Space Debris

Rocket Ship

Got My Signal

Welcome To My Way Down


Space Age Rocket Fuel

Blacklight Poster Appreciation Club

Tempt The Angels

Not Of This Earth

Gettin' Down Vol. I

Gritty Music for Scrappy People


Various Quotes from Around The Web

"he's blessed with a sexy, delicate voice very similar to Mitch Ryder's. This music is so brightly liquid, simply high on love."

"You sound 1000 ft high home slice"

"This is so madnessly good I’m ringing for words to describe it…."

"This guy seriously does not stop with the good music, hope to one day see him live!"

"Jeff is insane and he really publishes a lot of incredible tracks!"

"With as much as this guy has done, why is he not huge?"

"Gracias por avisar! Me gustó bastante, se me hizo difícil no pensar en Ritchie Kotzen."

"Hell yeah this funky jazzy blues sounds similar to Jimi Hendrix.. ..it got the same vibes VERY DELICIOUSLY"

"Jeff Michaels and Chris Duarte should do some works together over there in Austin."

Jeff MichaelsFellow astronauts! Beautifully explosive songs for the discerning psychopath; from twisted psychedelic rock to sizzling BBQ-flavored electrified blues & more from the venues, roadhouses, biker bars and honky tonks of Texas, Jeff Michaels is guaranteed to get you to where you're going in style.
Jeff Michaels Based in Austin, and originally from St. Louis where he started on drums and ultimately guitar at the ripe old age of 8, he is a current BMI artist and to date, has well over 400 songs to his credit.

He's played thousands of gigs in some of the grittier places Jeff Michaels in Texas, Louisiana and beyond that you'd ever find yourself, and as a result knows how to throw a hell of a party for even the most hardened listener. You can usually hear his latest through bandcamp, resonate and spotify, as well from our local Austin Blues Radio. Thank you for all the love, for the light, for stopping by and do come back soon!