- A U S T I N ,    T E X A S -



Gritty Music for Scrappy People

The Warmest of Holidays

Homestyle Blues

My Wicked Ways

Red Hot Texas Blues

She Said Yeah

Dealer For The People

Texas Quake

Heavy Weather

Electric Texas

Open Late Night

Working For The Enemy

Long Live Texas Blues

Jeff was born and raised in St. Louis and Houston before eventually making his way to Austin, living on a steady diet of hustling ice houses and roadhouses all around the bayou city since the age of 14. From the middle of farm country to the 5th ward, to playing rock gigs in the middle, he's got an eclectic, diverse history. Flash forward many years, with so much rich experience, and you've got a highly sought after, charming gentleman with impeccable skills; absolutely deadly with a strat and a live mic. Bound to shatter all predictions and expectations while reaching new audiences from an ever changing, constantly evolving repertoire - spanning from blues, funk, rock and jazz to beyond.. "Gritty Music for Scrappy People" is Michaels’ latest, so, have a drink and listen to the soul-nourishing, all-out gritty blues attack of Jeff's dirty grifter riffs rolling out of walls of marshalls.


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